.NET Conf 2022 - Wellington

Building Real-Time 3D Cloud Applications with Azure, .NET, and Unity

My new book “Game Development with Unity for .NET Developers” is ready for pre-order on Amazon!

This book has more than 580 pages and focuses on how to use Unity and the Microsoft Game Stack, including Microsoft Azure Cloud and Microsoft Azure PlayFab services, to create a fascinating 3D virtual game world.

Game Development with Unity for .NET Developers

Understand what makes Unity the world's most widely used real-time 3D development platform and explore its powerful features for creating 3D and 2D games, as well as the Unity game engine and the Microsoft Game Dev, including the Microsoft Azure …

Introduction to Unity, AR and AR Foundation

Jiadong Chen will introduce the Unity engine and Unity's AR Foundation architecture. AR developers can use Unity to quickly and easily develop cross-platform AR applications.

Keep Learning Keep Growing - How to Use Azure AI for Chest X Ray Diagnosis

I recently participated in the “MVP Challenge-Azure Data & AI Challenge” organized by Microsoft, which enables participants to learn Azure data and AI technologies and allows Microsoft MVPs from all over the world to compete together and share their learning progress.

Talk About The Brand-New Microsoft Mesh Platform From A Developer's Perspective

As a developer, I'm keen to know more about this interesting platform from a developer's perspective. So the following are the information I collected and some idea I want to share with you.

Realistic VR Interior Graphics Using Unity HDRP

This is a demo scene rendered by Unity HD Render Pipeline(HDRP). The VR part is Windows MR + OpenVR + Steam VR SDK.

Auckland City On The Watch AR

It is an interesting idea to let your watch not only 'display' the time but also a beautiful city.

Render Crowd of Animated Characters AR Scene

Use Unity's AR Foundation to create 10,000 toy soldiers in the real world on an Old iPhone 7.

Animation Baker and Instancing for Animated Characters

Using GPU to implement large-amount animated characters rendering. The animation map for vertex shader to modify the vertex position of the mesh at runtime. Using GPU instancing to reduce draw calls.