Recent & Upcoming Talks


The very best of Microsoft Build - Auckland

Microsoft Build has just finished and there were some amazing announcements. Our panel has selected some of their favourites and …

.NET Conf 2022 - Wellington

Building Real-Time 3D Cloud Applications with Azure, .NET, and Unity


Ignite After Party Auckland

This is a joint venture between the UG and the Microsoft MVP’s. We will show edited pieces of the videos ‘Hidden gems and …


Introduction to Unity, AR and AR Foundation

Jiadong Chen will introduce the Unity engine and Unity’s AR Foundation architecture. AR developers can use Unity to quickly and …



[Microsoft Ignite The Tour] - Develop custom rendering pipelines using Unity and C#

Through this session, people can learn what SRP is and how to develop custom rendering pipelines using C# language.

[Microsoft Global MR Bootcamp] - Unity AR Foundation Overview

What problem does Unity’s AR Foundation solve? What is the architecture of the AR Foundation? And what is the roadmap for the AR …

[2019 Xamarin Dev Summit in China] - Unity 2019 Roadmap

Talked about what’s coming in Unity 2019, and presented the vision for what you should expect in 2019.

[Unite 2019] - Asset management and serialization in Unity

Introduce the internal serialization mechanism of the engine and some management mechanisms for the asset. Such as shaderlab, script, …


[Unite 2018] - Geometry Shader And Compute Shader In Unity

Talk about using geometry shader in Unity to render large areas of grassland, and using compute shader in Unity to simulate Boids …


[Unity User Group] Shaders In Unity

[Unity User Group] Unity Experience Sharing

[Xamarin User Group] Introduce Unity To Xamarin Developers


[Unity User Group] C# and Unity