How To Select The Graphics API Based On The Current Android Device Through Custom UnityPlayerActivity File

With more and more Android phones supporting both GLES and Vulkan, mobile game developers often face a problem, can we select which Graphics API to use when the game is launched on a specific device?

A Solution to Sprite Atlas Are Duplicated Into Other Asset Bundles

There is a common issue with sprite atlas and asset bundles before Unity 2018.4.6. That is, when using sprite atlas and asset bundle, the sprite atlas texture may be duplicated into other asset bundles. You can find the issue here. This article will discuss how to solve this issue.

iOS Memory Deep Dive for Unity Developers

The main content includes analyzing the memory management of the iOS system, using the Instrument to view the memory status of a Unity game, and using the command line tools to dig deep into the memory problems in a Unity game.

Using Android Studio to Profile the Unity App on the Android Platform

In fact, the current Android Studio already provides a good profiler tool for the Android platform.

Mesh compression in Unity: Why is the Memory of My Game Unchanged?

I believe that many developers will have similar misunderstandings after seeing the name Mesh Compression. So this blog is about how to optimize Mesh in Unity to save memory, and why the Mesh Compression option is turned on, but it doesn't help memory.

Using Snapdragon Profiler to Profile Unity App on the Android Platform

A blog post about the profiling tool on the Android platform - the `Snapdragon Profiler`. Compared with its predecessor `Adreno Profiler`, Snapdragon Profiler is a substitute for the former and has added support for Vulkan. Therefore, it is recommended that you can use this tool to profile Android devices with Qualcomm chips.