Talk About The Brand-New Microsoft Mesh Platform From A Developer's Perspective

As a developer, I'm keen to know more about this interesting platform from a developer's perspective. So the following are the information I collected and some idea I want to share with you.

I’m Honored To Be Rewarded The Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award For The 5th Time And Share Some Tips On How To Join The Program

What needs to be clarified is that Microsoft Most Valuable Professional is not an employee of Microsoft. On the contrary, it is an award awarded by Microsoft to the community.

Microsoft Ignite The Tour Beijing Review: Learn Connect Explore

To be honest, this is the first time I participated in the Microsoft Ignite The Tour as a speaker. And I am very happy to participate in such a conference as a Microsoft community MVP, too. Yes, I come from the community. And my session is also related to my community, Unity, C # and cross-platform development. My trip to the Microsoft Ignite The Tour conference can be summarized in the following three parts.

[Microsoft Ignite The Tour] - Develop custom rendering pipelines using Unity and C#

Through this session, people can learn what SRP is and how to develop custom rendering pipelines using C# language.