Introduction to Unity, AR and AR Foundation

Jiadong Chen will introduce the Unity engine and Unity's AR Foundation architecture. AR developers can use Unity to quickly and easily develop cross-platform AR applications.

Auckland City On The Watch AR

It is an interesting idea to let your watch not only 'display' the time but also a beautiful city.

Render Crowd of Animated Characters AR Scene

Use Unity's AR Foundation to create 10,000 toy soldiers in the real world on an Old iPhone 7.

Unity & AR Core Depth API: Combine Pixel Style Art With The Real World

Using Google ARCore SDK & Unity To Build a depth API AR Application.

[Online]Introduction to Unity Ar Foundation

These Mistakes Can Make Your AR Foundation App Display a Black Screen

There are some mistakes that may make you feel bad when developing an AR app. This post will detail 4 common mistakes that cause the AR application to display a black screen on your phone.

Unity ARFoundation HandDetection

This project shows how to enable the CoreML to work with AR Foundation in Unity.

[Microsoft Global MR Bootcamp] - Unity AR Foundation Overview

What problem does Unity's AR Foundation solve? What is the architecture of the AR Foundation? And what is the roadmap for the AR Foundation?

Unity AR Foundation and CoreML: Hand detection and tracking

This article and the demo project at the end of the article show how to enable the CoreML to work with AR Foundation in Unity. With AR Foundation in Unity and CoreML on iOS, we can interact with virtual objects with our hands.